Graffigna Malbec Argentina, 2018

Graffigna Malbec Argentina, 2018

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Deep red with violet hues. Intense and fruity with ripe red berries, sweet spices and a touch of black pepper, complemented with toasted notes from maturing in oak. Full-bodied in the mouth and an excellent tannic structure.

At just 12 years old, Santiago, an Italian boy, embarked into unknown Argentina to help his uncle, to do what had never been done before, cultivate the vine in San Juan Valley.

Thanks to his relentless entrepreneurial spirit and vision, Santiago Graffigna founded one of the oldest vineyards in Argentina and achieved his goal of making world-class wines. To the fruit of this work he put his own name, Graffigna, as a symbol of his pride and worthy representative of his quality.